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Nazan Dizen Yurtdışına mı Açılıyor?

   nazan Dizen

I was born in 1982 in Istanbul / Okmeydanı. I completed my primary and secondary education in Istanbul.I graduated in Marketing from Dumlupınar University Vocational School in 2003.And also I completed Main Art Painting Picture-business department of Abant Izzet Baysal University in 2008.
In 2008,I have started to study on Picture Arts and business of the Department of Teacher Training in Fine Arts Education as a master of Art in Trakya University and I still go on studying there.

Exhibitions attended:
I won the third prize in painting competition about teachers day on the “Lions Club” in 1999(Istanbul) .
The exhibitions of many schools in Abant Izzet Baysal University,
The exhibition of Art in the cultural center of Mehmet Yücetürk in Bolu (2007)
The exhibition of painting competition in Çukurova University 2006 (Adana)
The exhibition of competition on the monuments and respect for labor by the ministry of culture and tourism in Ankara-Kayseri-İzmir 2008.
The exhibition of competition on the hero of Çanakkale “Havranlı Kocaseyit” by Governorate of Çanakkale in 2009 in Çanakkale
An exhibition of art by the students of Master of Art in Trakya university .(Edirne 2009)
An art exhibition of Art Festival on the Feminart International “Women’s canvas water” in Trabzon (2009)
The exhibition of Art competition on the land and sea wars of Çanakkale in Çanakkale. (2009)
The exhibition of Art competition on “Türkiyem” by Çorlu Culture and Art Association in Çorlu . (2010)
The exhibition of street on “Reproduction of beauty” in İstanbul (2010)
The group art exhibition of Maritime Museum Art Gallery in Beşiktaş in İSTANBUL.(2010)

The exhibition of the international Art Festival on the “Love to Fabrikart” in Cappadocia(2010)
The group art exhibition of Trakya university students of master art in a shopping center called Nautilus in İstanbul (2011)

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