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Sattas İrie Şarkısı ve Sözleri

Farklı bir müzik tarzıyla farklı bir grup Sattas


Sattas İrie Şarkı Sözü

Irie! This is a Sattas sound. Irie! We’re gonna shake around
Irie! We’re gonna burn this place time to get up now
I’m not sayın’ lie to you, open your ears this is for you
This is just a fun for you time to get up now
When you hear this heartbeat sound, you can joy and a you can dance
Forget troubles enjoy your time, listen what i say
I can see more cats and hats, reggae music is a serious thing
Words hits like the frazier’s fists you can enjoy now
This is love not a popstar role, you don’t listen as a shitstem sound
I do know, when is down for you, time to get up now

Sattas Irie Şarkı Sözü

Sattas Irie Şarkı Sözü

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